At Busy Cleaning we provide specialist office cleaning and commercial premises cleaning services around Carmarthen and Crosshands for a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from small and medium sized companies to large multi-story office facilities.

Busy Cleaning offers regular cleaning contracts for offices and other commercial and industrial premises. Starting at two hours a week, Busy Cleaning’s office cleaners ensure the cleanliness of your building is constantly maintained, giving your premises an image in keeping with that of your business.

Our contract cleaning services Carmarthen, Crosshands and surrounding areas include:

  • commercial buildings,
  • offices and shops,
  • post and pre-office tenancy cleans and
  • deep cleaning.

We offer cleaning for offices, industrial units, kitchens, hotels, hospitals, schools, shops and any other buildings. We can isolate, decontaminate and fumigate all situations and have experience dealing with larger and specialist locations. We also offer full sanitising services for the help in prevention and spread of viruses such as the Norovirus.
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