G4S contract secured by Busy Cleaning Director

g4s-logoChris Luxton, Director of Busy Cleaning, has secured a contract with G4S, one of the largest private sector operators of ambulances in the UK, to use Cleanitise technology to ensure all vehicles are clean and free of contamination at all times.

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Critically Clean

G4S is one of the largest private sector operators of ambulances in the UK, ensuring that patients are moved day and night as comfortably and securely as possible. The division covering Surrey – based in Dorking – has recently started using Cleanitise technology to ensure all vehicles are clean and free of contamination at all times. Neil Nixon, editor of Cleaning and Maintenance discovered that the results so far have been amazing.

G4S has established an expertise with people, transportation and vehicle design enabling it to provide safe, comfortable and punctual ‘round the clock’ transport services for patients of all mobility levels.

Its primary objectives are to deliver a professional patient experience and high quality care, offering a service that exceeds expectations.

Paul Jennings, director of healthcare logistics at G4S Integrated Services (UK) Ltd, explained: “We currently provide over 700,000 patient journeys per year using fleets of specially constructed ambulances and teams of motivated staff operating from well-equipped control centres. We provide nonemergency patient transport services for customers such as Barking, Havering & Redbridge NHS Hospitals Trust, Epsom & St Helier NHS University Hospitals Trust, St Georges NHS Trust, and Surrey Primary Care Trust.”

The Passenger Transfer Service, or PTS, is a growing part of the G4S business, a company traditionally know for providing security services under the guise of Group 4. It is a competitive market, with a number of big players at the table. So how does G4S differentiate itself from the rest?

“The Quality Care Commission sets down a number of standards by which all PTS providers must operate,” said Jennings. “At G4S we are committed to exceeding these requirements, and one area where we are making significant headway is in the cleanliness of our vehicles. This is being recognised at tender stage and, most importantly, is appreciated by our passengers.”

And this is where Cleanitise steps in. Chris Luxton, owner and developer of the Cleanitise brand, has spent several years perfecting this cleaning fluid and establishing a ‘process’ of pre-checks, cleaning and post-checks using black light technology. G4S has adopted the process, using Cleanitise in a fogging system for periodic deep-cleaning of all vehicles, and Cleanitise in trigger sprays for daily work. The black light is always on hand to check that the job has been done correctly.

“Using Cleanitise and the black light has made a huge difference to us,” continued Paul Jennings. “As well as enabling us to confirm our vehicles are totally clean before we put then back on the road, the black light is also an excellent training aid as it can be used to teach our staff which areas need the greatest attention when being cleaned.”

The Cleanitise cleaning fluid is the product of many years of development by Chris Luxton, and is now accompanied by a ‘fragrant’ version called Perfect Scents. Critically, the finished product has a 99.99% certified kill rate on all bacteria related to healthcare acquired infections. This gives G4S the peace of mind it requires.

“The Quality Care Commission hasn’t yet set a standard for vehicle cleanliness so we have set our own very high targets,” said Jennings. “We are committed to raising the bar in passenger transport services, and ensuring the safety of our passengers through vehicle cleanliness is key. Passenger satisfaction is ultimately our number one goal, and the feedback we receive confirms that the cleanliness of our vehicles is of critical importance to our customers. I have great confidence in the Cleanitise product – backed by the black light – and our passengers are certainly delighted with the results.”

Another benefit of the Cleanitise cleaning regime adopted by G4S in Surrey is its portability. “We don’t have a centralised vehicle maintenance facility in our region,” explained Paul Jennings. “It is therefore a huge advantage being able to deep-clean vehicles wherever they are stationed. We can use the fogging system anywhere, and Cleanitise even provides us with a certificate of compliance for each vehicle once it has been deepcleaned and passed the black light inspection. Exactly what we need. Keeping our vehicles on the road is critical to our business and the service we offer – the ability to clean them ‘in situ’ is an essential tool in achieving this.”

Chris Luxton’s dedication to getting the Cleanitise process right is a lesson to us all. He has never been satisfied with ‘good enough’ – he has continually sought the ‘ultimate solution’. G4S might well argue that he has found it.